sneaky peeks

I owe you an apology, dear Internet. I started this blog to chronicle homeownership and it turned into Conversations-with-Katie. But today! Today will be different! Today we will return to roots! Yes, that means I finally took some pictures of the house’s interior. Rejoice!

When we moved into the house, the main bedroom seemed to be styled after Chipotle. No, I’m serious:

Red walls, yellow and white trim, green shades

And some mysterious lizard pulls for the built-in dresser.

Once we received the keys, we had 4 days before the moving truck arrived, and we spent three nights painting. It was another 8 months before we bought  real furniture, and it’ll probably be a bit more before we get around to hanging the art on the walls, but it’s pretty enough to share now, so let’s celebrate the progress (in chronological order!):

We painted the room grey and did the trim in a soft white, and bid farewell to the lizards.

We replaced the shades and got a real duvet cover.

After a weekend with some favorites, I brought home a pair of Danish nightstands from Urban Mining in KC (oh, how I miss you Urban Mining).

I married a PhD student, who typically has 15+ books bedside, nightly.

Against all odds, I was able to find a matching dresser set that matched the Danes! And don’t you need a close up of that artwork?

Dear, talented bridesmaid Mary Ann painted me a tree, and we had wedding guests sign their names to cut-out leaves. I put the whole thing together the night we came home from our mini-moon.

And finally, we attached a beloved, new lamp to the light switch. You know, the light switch we’d turn on daily and then remember that it’s not attached to the overhead light? Resulting in many dress-in-the-dark scenarios because I was too important to pull the overhead light pulley? You’ve never done that? Hm.

The map will eventually (but when?) be hung on the wall. It’s of America at the time of the Revolutionary War, and it features sea monsters in the ocean (estate find steal, naturally). I’m still on-the-search for a few more maps as I ohso love them.



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5 responses to “sneaky peeks

  1. I love how the tree turned out! It looks so good!! Very nice leaf placement 🙂

  2. Danielle

    looks great! I wish my house looked as pretty/chic as yours 😦

    anyway, speaking of maps. I got a 1901 map of STL on Etsy for Christmas…. and love it! You can just search their vintage section for maps, or type in the location you’re looking for –

    Also, I love these map prints-

  3. Hannah Kuhl

    OoooooOOOO I love a good before and after! Love the after Katie!

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