Crazy Ideas I’m Haboring

– Becoming a foster parent

Tots serious (see what I did there?). Except John’s PhD studyin’ doesn’t really make our home too welcoming for children, so until that changes (5 years to go!), I’m contemplating rescue-dog fostering. That will require a well-trained Pasha though, which means that we’re going to have to actually take that dog to puppy school.

– Becoming a Mentor

Not so much a crazy idea as much as a good idea. I attended a private screening of  Waiting for Superman last night (what, you didn’t know I’m important enough to be invited to private screenings? Tsk tsk. Confession: you’re right – it’s a perk of being a part of the Junior League and btw, the documentary is good. See it.) and it got me all antsy to do something meaningful.

– Going back to school to get my masters

Still just thoughts. And brief phone talks with admission counselors.

– Paying my entire parking ticket, in person, in quarters.

John’s response: “Tad bit passive aggressive, no?” My response: “Yes, but it’s what they originally wanted.” I’m sorry, but don’t you think that stimulating the local economy trumps parking meters? The answer is yes.

– Writing an angry letter to VISA and Sam’s Club

Did you know that our Sam’s Club does not take VISA? What kind of crazy town did I move to?



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3 responses to “Crazy Ideas I’m Haboring

  1. LOVE the foster dog idea. I’ve considered doing that too! And someday I would love to train guide dogs. They can’t start school until there are like 18 months, so they need people to socialize/train them before that. I’ve always thought that would be such an amazing way to help people (plus, it involves puppies!).

    (okay, I love all the ideas actually… that one just sticks out!)

  2. Dot

    My parents habitually pay ridiculous fines in small change. Do it. It’s invigorating. I say take it one step further and pay in nickles.

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