Big News!

A few months ago, my dad sent a mostly-joking (I think?) email to all of the children in the family, encouraging the married members to procreate and make him a “PePaw”. A prize may have been mentioned … (ok, it was). Then at Christmas, he gave a long, humorous prelude to the gifts he bought for the sons (including those soon-to-be). He was quite proud of what he had picked out:

My brother (unmarried) got a sweater.

My stepsister’s boyfriend got a sweater.

John and my stepbrother? You know, the only married sons in the fam?

Silk boxers to “encourage the swimmers” (direct quote).

I almost died laughing. John turned a bit red. But someone took the entire episode quite seriously …








And as per my New Years Resolution, those silky boxers are packed away tight in the basement.



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6 responses to “Big News!

  1. Dot

    Jesus, Katie. You scared the crap out of me!!! Congrats on impending Aunt-dom, though!

  2. Carina

    Holey moley…me too!! I like the new layout! And the puppy pic!

  3. Alyssa

    I would have lost all faith in modern medicine and immediately switched my search for grad schools to convents if the Adams-Moore household were welcoming anything other than a n[i]e[ce]phew to their lives.

    1. How does it feel to know so much of my fate rests in your hands?
    2. Why don’t we have a gender-neutral term for “my siblings’ children?”
    3. How would you like a reply to your email! Check your inbox soon.

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