A list of great home-related things

When John and I first went a-house-huntin’, we thought we wanted a fixer upper.

Let’s take a minute to laugh at our adorable naivety, shall we?

Bahaha, we were so silly.

That dream lasted 2 house tours, and then we told our dear relator Pam that we wanted something finished. And without asbestos. And perhaps also without radon. You know, generally … a cancer free home. Oh, and a dishwasher, puhlease.

We ended up placing three contracts (one at a time, of course), and finally, one stuck. We thought our dear little cottage had everything we needed. We trusted the words of the previous owner, who explained to us how he rebuilt the entire house from the inside out! But now, we’re starting to wonder how qualified he really was … especially on days like Monday, when I removed an outlet cover in order to paint around it and the entire outlet box – which is supposed to be attached to the drywall, fell back into the wall, and plumb straight into the basement.

Or when we realized that the strange oddity of having our detached garage (The Monster, with it’s space for four cars and it’s own gas heater) wired separately from the house (and thus, billed separately from the house) meant that we were paying twice the administrative fees than if they were wired together.

Or the fact that we have the most challenging dishwasher that has, over the course of 8 months, managed to stump 4 (!) separate repairman.

Or how about the outdoor motion sensor light that can only be turned on by a light switch in our hallway, which is all fine and dandy, except that said light switch is located 4 inches below the ceiling?

And then there’s that whole shower debacle. Can’t forget the broken toilet!

It’s my own fault, really. I should have begun to question his judgement the moment I realized the master bedroom was styled after Chiptole’s color scheme and the living room was painted the color of old baby food. Live and learn, cest la ve.

But I promise you good things, and here I am complaining! Shame on me. An electrician is coming to re-wire the garage, and I have not yet been electrocuted by poorly-installed outlet boxes! Our new dishwasher arrives next week! I am now a master interior painter!  I learned that I can temporarily fix a toilet with paper clips! These are all things that make me genuinely excited!


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