What the What? My hands are no longer blue

Because (dum da dah…) the family room is finished! This means that every single room on the first floor (+the basement floor) has changed hues since we signed all those ownership papers.

Doesn’t that just make you wake up smiling each morning? No? Just me? Hm.

Ok, time to oogle, is it not? And what’s a before/after without the shocking before?!


The room opens directly into our backyard, and is an add-on, which explains why it’s generally quite brisker than any other place in our home and why the vents and electrical outlet are built into the old basement windows. It also kind of explains the weird bathroom-glass window, except not really because the window is from my office, which is definitely not the bathroom.

It was also quite yellow.


(at Christmas time)

So very yellow. But isn’t our tree adorbes? (Oh, and don’t worry – The Pasha’s stocking arrived quite soon after this photo, so she wasn’t excluded from the Season’s Festivities)



The painting was a wedding gift from my godmother. She and my mom rifled through John and I’s Euro photos and she painted one of my favorite locations – Lake Bled, in Slovenia. Apparently, if a groom carries his bride up all 99 stairs to the chapel on his wedding day, he will be ensured a happy marriage.

We visited, but I walked the steps. No offense to the boy, but I had already sprained my ankle that trip.

Oh, Slovenia.

Back to the oogling (oogles?):

This is where my plants vacation in the winter, on top of a dog-crate-disguised-as-an-endtable. Funny story: my mom bought me the disguised dog crate before I bought a dog and then we bought home The Pasha and turns out she doesn’t fit! But it was too late to return her, since we loved her oh so much, so now it just an end table with a hidden alter ego. And some day it will be replaced with something less dualistic and more dark wood-y.

Yep, that’s an electric fireplace and I love it so much I just might marry it.


What’s next?

Some art needs to go on those walls. And then it’s time to tackle:

John’s office. The basement walls? Laundry room.



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2 responses to “What the What? My hands are no longer blue

  1. Danielle

    Love it! It looks so cozy! I need to do some majoy overhauling in making my house look like a home 😦

    Also, you probably already know about it, but check out 20×200 for art! Great art/photography, some for just $20! http://www.20×200.com/

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