This is still not a wedding blog …

The blog world is a bit in a tizzy because Anthropologie released it’s own bridal line. Maybe it’s because whenever I try on an Anthropologie dress, I don’t look ironically-cute-as-intended as much as I look like a frump (does the waist sit odd on anyone else?), but I am underwhelmed.

I don’t care if it’s from the hip-mothership, some of those dresses make my eyes hurt.

You can’t, in good conscience, ask your bridesmaids to wear a drape.

For those weddings after a shipwreck

She’s a lovely girl, but she looks like a cushion

And look, I think a birdcage veil is adorbs – but are those supposed to be SEAGULLS? Cause they look like it from afar.

Ah, no – upon closer inspection, they are knots. Eh. Still dislike.

All from BHLD



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5 responses to “This is still not a wedding blog …

  1. Emily Phillips

    Well-said…and, AGREED.

  2. Dot

    Yeah, I was wondering what was up with that first dress you featured. But I liked a lot of the collection! Mostly I was glad to see quite a few gowns that weren’t strapless–that was such a nightmare for me when I was dress shopping, as strapless gowns look awful on me and were the only option at many boutiques.

  3. Alyssa

    My heart broke a bit when I saw the full collection of bridal gowns (“how can these be so not-great?” I asked Prometheus, who did not care) but as Dot mentioned on her corner of the internet, some of the bridesmaidery frocks are daaaaarling.

  4. Right, it’s not all bad. But most of it? Ehhhhhh… not my cup of tea. But obvs, I’m not a target market anymore. (Wait … now I feel old…)

  5. I have to disagree with you about the first dress. I actually really like it, just not as a bridesmaid dress. But yes, BHLDN was very underwhelming, they are trying way too hard.

    See you SOON!!

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