I thrive in weekend conditions.

This weekend made me feel part cosmopolitan, part hippie. I met some new friends for happy hour, and then went almost-straight to babysit for my neighbor-friend, who promptly showered me in so many complements regarding my appearance that I might start wearing eye-liner and actual pants for all those babies I periodically watch.

An old friend visited, we had a stellar double-date.

An accordion/upright bass duo was playing at my local co-op, which made buying my GF flour (I use Meister’s and lurve it) super enjoyable.

We discovered that our neighbors raise chickens by stumbling upon some escaped fowl while on a walk.

We dog piled on the couch and John let me watch HGTV:

Pasha’s favorite neighbor Finnegan came over to play, while I got to oogle my neighbor-friend’s 3 month old (babies in polka dots get me every time).

John went bike shopping at The Bike Project, and after indulging an impulse, I’m now the proud owner of a blue re-built Calypso cruiser. We spent the last daylight hours of Sunday riding around the little city, and then roasted a chicken for three hours (a note, dear Internet, turns out if you defrost the chicken, cooking goes much quicker).

Since we’re currently being doused in rain and with snow (!) in the forecast tonight, you can bet your jellybeans that I’m ignoring the dreary, winter weather by searching for bike supplies online (in between work projects, of course).


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