New Addition

When my office changed hues, I realized that something was going to have to change. It was a lovely chair, and The Pasha sure loved it …

But with the new blue walls, the teal chair was out of place.


I contemplated re-upholstering it, but with two re-upholstery projects already in the que that I haven’t even begun, I opted to let my favorite beau Craig handle it. After about a week on The List, it was on to it’s new life.

Pasha was none too pleased that her favorite napping location had disappeared, and temporarily took my office chair hostage.

Did I mention that I was actually sitting in this chair when she hoisted herself onto it, pushing me off? Yep.

She eventually jumped down when she realized she couldn’t sleep on that chair.

And today, it’s replacement arrived …

Color me hipster, but I love it.

And don’t worry about The Pasha. I re-arranged my office on a whim the other day:

and she has a whole new nook to herself:

So she’ll be just fine.



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2 responses to “New Addition

  1. Dot

    Sweet Pasha. I don’t know what I’d do if Mr. Moses got on the furniture. I think I’d have to buy beige slipcovers for everything to mask the hair.

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