I find this quite clever.

A friend got me typing about art this morning, and then I stumbled across this via The Slow Life. I’d copy the art here, but WordPress is being a tad disagreeable this morning, so you’ll just have to press on through and click the link. Don’t be a lazy internet surfer – it’s a link worth clicking, I believe.

Sidenote: I love the romance behind an “artist in residence” – I know nothing about such programs, but I imagine it’s like planting a tree so that it’s oxygen can permeant the surrounding atmosphere, except the tree is an artist, obvs. I am pro-innovation-micro-chip-space-technology-Google and all that jazz, but I fear that one day our country will be one that dismisses the humanities, and then where will we be? Lonely and culture-less and surrounded by robots.



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7 responses to “I find this quite clever.

  1. Dot

    Wow. That is so cool. My dream is to one day be a poet in residence. They have poets in residence at zoos now…they find ways to integrate their favorite poems into zoo exhibits. It’s awesome.

    • Oooo or an animal shelter to entice people to bring home new best friends. I think I would excel in that job:

      Adopt me, please
      I’ll run between your knees
      I’ll chew your chairs
      All will be covered with hairs
      I’ll bark and whine
      But you won’t mind
      We’ll take long strolls
      You’ll laugh while I roll
      We’ll snuggle at night
      You’ll love me with might
      You’ll think twice about having human babies
      Because I’ll be so darn fulfilling.
      So adopt me now, I promise I lack rabies
      A life with a dog is so much more thrilling.

  2. Hey Katie,
    I just wrote a really-long comment on Nikki’s blog, then checked back and saw your really-long comment on Nikki’s blog, and realized that you have a blog! I had no idea. I also realized that we are decorating soulmates. So that’s neat.
    I gather from your comment that your kitchen currently (also) has green countertops. To that I say, what crazy crazy people decorated our kitchens? I mean really. Green???
    P.S. Your blog is neat.

    • Now we’re blog buddies!

      You have green countertops too?! Aren’t they the worst? The kitchen walls were also green, but I’ve recently painted them white, thinking that the countertops wouldn’t look so horrific against a white wall … it was a short-lasting solution. I think we’ll be replacing them …

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