You know you’re a telecommuter when …

You put on jeans and your dog thinks she’s going on a W-A-L-K. She literally smelled my legs, then ran to the door.

Sidenote: John’s decided to become someone who “exercises,” so in addition to cycling to work, he’s been taking Pashicakes on a run every evening, which means my position as favorite parent is in jeopardy – you can see the transition has already begun … !

Sheesh, I hit my mid-twenties and my hair exploded, curls everywhere.

Don’t worry, I have a planned-puppy-play-date with a terrier named Hank in my arsenal. Can the hubs compete with THAT?



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2 responses to “You know you’re a telecommuter when …

  1. Dot

    I think Moses has finally started appreciating all I do for him. Sure, he still jumps on Jake when he comes home from work, but I get kisses at random intervals during my work day.

    Be careful with playdates, though. Pasha will come to expect them. Moses whines and cries every afternoon when I take him out if I don’ let him go visit his girlfriend.

    • The other day, Pasha’s only neighborhood (dog) friend happened to walk by our house and you would have thought I had made her an omelet, she was so excited to see her buddy. Resulted in an impromptu puppy party.

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