This place is weird

In an attempt to cut down on crazy partays, the University where John gets his teachin’ on plans spring break to fall over St. Patrick’s Day. In return, the students use their critical thinking skills, plan a substitute St. Patrick’s Day, and call it “Unofficial.”

Google it.

Or if you’re too lazy for that (it’s ok, I’ve been there), here’s a mental image: Last night, I walked home from neighbor-friend’s and was passed by three amicable male joggers … all completely naked.


And shucks, we don’t even live near the university.


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One response to “This place is weird

  1. Dot

    That is hilarious. Kids need to get more creative. Aside from Halloween, we rarely had holiday-related parties during my most partying year (um, Oxford). We just made up excuses to have parties. Like a disco party. Or a high school stereotypes party. Or a “goodbye England, hello America party.”

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