Days Like This

I have a sneaking (no, full fledged) suspicion that Pasha-Pup, in her new fitness regimen with that boy I live with, has pulled a muscle. Or she’s an excellent faker. Or perhaps she’s just suffering from a bout of Why-Hasn’t-Spring-Arrived-Yet-Depression. Regardless, she’s going through a phase where many things are just too much trouble for her. She’s not interested in walking up stairs, or jumping on beds, or lounging on hard surfaces. She chooses to stand mournfully in front of the obstacles in her way and cry pitifully until one of us finds her, picks her up, and relocates her. Last night, she refused to join us in bed and once we settled her, she decided to lounge horizontally and yelped when I tried to stretch my legs. She’s not in the mood for things to not go her way.

I wish I was more mature than my dog, but I’m not. I have those days too, where I am simply. not. interested. in putting any more effort into anything. I feel for her, you know? I can typically be cured by browsing V&A and making a whole pot of tea, and  catching up with Maru (add it to your Reader, even you, my fellow cat-dislikers), and washing my face and ok, watching this (oldiebutagoodie!), but Pashicakes wasn’t interested. Especially in me washing her face. The dog does not like baths.

But please don’t worry. Last time this occured, our dear vet suggested a regimen of baby aspirin and canned dog food and within three days, she was terrorizing the house again.

So if you need us, we’ll be camped out on the couch, waiting it all out.



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4 responses to “Days Like This

  1. Dot

    Awww, poor Pashikins!

    The only stunts Moses has been pulling lately is showing utter disinterest in food unless it has sprinkle cheese on it. What a nut.

    • I bought string cheese the other day and I think Pasha was bribed with it in her previous life. She won’t leave me alone when I’m eating it. Dogs and cheese, what a combo.

  2. Thank you so much for the Maru suggestion. I just can’t stop giggling…. 🙂

    Hope Pasha feels better soon!

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