Great Start, and the Countertop Debate.

I love the internet for days like this! I just won the Pfister giveaway at Thrifty Little Blog, and picked out this beauty:

And you know what will really make it shine? Brand new countertops. John’s not 100% convinced that they are necessary, but I think I have a solid case.

Seeing as we’re only going to be residents of this little city for as long as it takes John to become Dr. Moore, PhD (5-6 more years, barring a post-grad appointment), it doesn’t make sense to sink funds into projects that won’t pay us back, come selling time. Plus, we’re a 1-bathroom house, so the cottage will cap at a certain price point, regardless of the inner fixings. John argues that the countertops are functional, so why switch them out and spend the money? I argue that the current countertops make my eyes bleed due to their utter greenness, and since kitchens are the heart and sole of the entire house, the future-buyers will surely agree.

Here they are on moving day:

You’ll remember that I painted the walls white, in hopes of making the green less in-y0-face. It was an improvement which made our galley kitchen feel larger, but the countertops could not be ignored. They are greeeeeeeen.

I talked to our realtor, who suggested that it might be worth our money if:

  1. The countertops were an upgrade. (We’re currently at the lowest end of the kitchen spectrum with laminate, so there’s only one way to go!)
  2. We kept it under a certain price point. (Knowing the worth of our house and what we paid for it, she was able to give us a number.)
  3. The new ones made us happy. (I’m convinced my love language is clean and pretty kitchens, so this is a no brainer.)

PLUS, you can’t forget that we’re expecting a hefty thanks-for-buying-a-house tax refund – so why not invest a bit of those funds back into the house? I know, my logic is irrefutable – new countertops are obviously necessary. Don’t you agree, dear Internet?



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2 responses to “Great Start, and the Countertop Debate.

  1. Beste Freundin, I totally agree. Especially since those countertops have bothered you from Day 1. I remember you complaining about them in July 2010!!! They also remind me of the kitchen in my old Chicago apartment and if they bother you now, you will ALWAYS notice it when walking into the kitchen. I mean, definitely stick to the price point that ur realtor gave u, but I’m all for it. 🙂 New countertops, happy wife….happy wife, happy life. Tell J-Dawg that. 🙂 miss u

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