So John and I got Netflix and have become totally boring.

We’re addicted, in the fullest sense of the word. It’s gotten so bad that we’ve had roast pork on the dinner menu for TWO WEEKS and we haven’t made it yet because the recipe is long and it takes us away from our beloved Netflix. We’re watching back-to-back episodes of Bones and the poor tenderloin is just sitting mournfully in the fridge, crying into the leeks, ever hopeful we’ll put forth the effort we promised it in the grocery store. Hey, shall we make a real meal? Nope. Let’s have oatmeal! Or eggs! Or bacon – but only if we can prop the laptop up in the kitchen while it fries, ok?!

Our love works because we’re mutual enablers.

Pasha says What?

Apart from running out of alternate meals, we have the bigger problem of mostly being done with Bones. So, dear Internet, what do we watch on Netflix next?



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7 responses to “So John and I got Netflix and have become totally boring.

  1. I am so glad you love Bones!! Netflix is a slippery, slippery slope… but I love it!!!

  2. Dot

    Hi, we’re the same person.
    Jake and I have become Netflix lame-os. We mostly watch Law & Order SVU because I have a crush on Detective Olivia Benson, but sometimes Intervention or Lockdown make it into the mix. We also watched a whole season of Dexter, but I have to say it kind of gave me the creeps.

    Pork loin! How lovely. We’re going on three weeks of ignoring the barbecue chicken.

  3. I heart netflix…. I generally set goals (i.e., clean out inbox) and when I achieve one I can watch an episode! A few things to try out: The Tudors, Weeds and Dexter (I love it despite the creepiness).

    I also just realized that you can send off for all the seasons of Boy Meets World. My 14 year old self is so jealous.

  4. we love BONES, too! blake and I have a competition to see who can guess the story line after the opening sequence, when the opening credits roll. he has an eerie knack for it.

    have you already made your way through the documentaries? Babies, Man on Wire, etc. etc. hooray for netflix!

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