The Monstrosity

I typically avoid posting pictures of the monstrosity-that-is-the-garage because it’s so ridiculous and mostly hideous. Being a 1-car, 2 bike family, our four-car garage, complete with it’s own heater and electrical meter, is 3-cars too big. I’d take lawn space over half the garage any day, but since I don’t have the contracting-know-how to cut a building in half, I figure it’s here to stay. Shame.

Anyway, the trim on the garage had seen better days, and John and I discussed having no-maintenance soffit and fascia installed, but the price was prohibitive. No problem, we’ll just be DIY stars and paint it ourselves, right?

Well, turns out my fear of heights is still alive and well.

And I learned that John hates ladders. Ah, after nearly 6 years together, it’s nice to know we’re still discovering new things about each other, isn’t it?

So we got halfway through the job before we were both reduced to blubbering babies. Ok, might have just been me.

The garage looked like a hot mess for a few more days, but I eventually found a painter who’d come and finish the job …

And I’ll admit, as much as I hate it – I hate it a little bit less with a new coat of Behr Bright White.

Even better, my painter has become my new best friend and is helping me put together a little birthday present for the dear old cottage! EEK! I’ve never been quite as excited as I am for this little installation  – photos to come next week, promise!


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