Happy Birthday Cottage!

I’ll admit you weren’t my first house choice, but with a fenced-in yard and a dishwasher, you won me over. You surely had potential, once I saw past the orange/red/yellow/dark blue walls.

We stained and fertilized and planted …

And spray painted …

And to celebrate your first year with us, I got you something fancy to wear …

I had them custom-made by my painter friend. In time, I’d love to have a box under every window, but I think this is a good start. Now I just need the weather to warm up so I can get a-planting!

What’s next on the exterior-to-do? We’ll be re-painting the front door and the surrounding trim, spray-painting the numbers a new hue, and potentially re-habbing the mailbox so it doesn’t look so pathetic.

Here’s the bigger question – what kind of large bush can survive in a container? You might notice that we have a gap in our bushes, and while I planted a baby last spring (baby plant, that is, not an actual baby), it did not survive. After it died, the gas company happened to inform me that I dug on top of a gas line – whoops! So instead of planting something else in the ground and risking blowing something up, I thought a container plant would be the way to go. Thoughts?



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2 responses to “Happy Birthday Cottage!

  1. You might want to try rosemary?

    Love this post by the way!

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