I’m already dreaming of dirt

Next to sentient beings, gardening is one of my greatest loves. John and I are already mapping out this summer’s garden, with the goal of decreasing our grocery bill by 1/3 via home-grown magic. I also learned last night that if I was interested in raising chickens, I can have them, ahem, processed for a buck a bird – oh, the glamorous perks of living where I do, right? But let’s be honest – Pasha would gladly process a chicken for free, and probably quite quickly, meaning a chicken-raising experiment wouldn’t last long.

Plus, I don’t think I’m quite that dedicated to locally-sourced food as to let it live in my backyard.

Anyway, seeing as my backyard is half concrete, I’m toying with the idea of adding some container gardens to the mix. These beauties are over my price range, but aren’t they lovely? They remind me  of hospital baby bassinets, and I can’t imagine anything nicer than cooing over some lettuce plantings …

Indulge yourself here.

Found via Studio G.


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