Last Night:

John: Do you know what tomorrow is?

Katie:  … Comedy Thursday?

John: NO

Katie: Um?

John: OPENING DAY! Which, do you know what that makes tonight?

Katie: What?


The only reason we have cable is so John can watch the Cardinals. It’s the one non-negotiable in the marriage. I lobbied to have we’ll-put-our-dirty-dishes-in-the-dishwasher to be the one non-negotiable, but I lost. I’m a stadium fan, meaning I love to go to games, but I can’t get excited about cheering on a box.



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2 responses to “Last Night:

  1. First, I love that you say Comedy Thursday. We celebrate that, as well as Wine Wednesday. And I’m with you on the whole watching baseball on TV thing. I LOVE going to games…but box watching BLECH!

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