Daily Dose

How can you look at this face and not rush out to adopt one of your own? The world’s largest mystery is why anyone would dump her.

While I was working earlier today, I saw a neighbor pace the neighborhood with an empty leash. Losing your dog is a horrendous feeling, so I grabbed The Pasha’s cookies and helped corral the little terrier named Oscar. I came back to find a my very obedient pup performing all her tricks at the front door. Obviously, she had seen me grab her treats and was confused as to why I wasn’t rewarding her sit-shake routine. Auntie Corrine, I hope you realize you created a monster (in the best possible way!).



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3 responses to “Daily Dose

  1. She is so cute!! We just rescued a pup in January; her name is Hazel. She’s made an awesome addition to the family!

  2. awwww….I’m so proud of her! I knew she had it in her to shake. hee hee. How cute!

    And yes, that is the worst possible feeling to lose your dog (or kid)…or kid you’re babysitting. ahem…not that I have experience in that.

    Give Pashie a hug for me, beste Freundin. ❤

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