Bedding, again.

The guest room has been a work in progress since Move In, and most days, I close the door and forget it exists. Ugh, there’s just too much to do! On Contract Day, it looked like this:

BLUE, right? And the carpet is hideous. Oh, and that closet? No closet doors. Riddle me this – there were a pair of closet doors in the basement … but they didn’t fit this closet, which happens to be the only closet in the house without doors. Total, annoying mystery.

I thought we’d paint the room a soothing gray, but the color we chose looked too much like concrete. And you know, there’s a fine line between pretty gray and public-park-pavilion gray, and after staring at paint-sample-after-paint-sample, trying to find a shade that’s oh-so-slightly different from our bedroom walls, but still hip … well, let’s just say the room stayed blue for months, minus the test wall which looked like concrete.

John suggested green, and we choose a shade on a whim. I’m glad we ended up liking it, because I also spilt half a can of it on the carpet. Whoops!

I haven’t done a thing since, other than rather blindly buying some window curtain fabric and then tossing it rather haphazardly, un-sewn, over a curtain rod. Go ahead, call me Suzy HomeMaker. I know you want to.

But NOW, with house guests on the horizon, it’s time to finish it up. Which means I need to buy some proper bedding. And yes, you might remember me thinking this months ago … and well, I thought I had made up my mind, and then turns out – I didn’t! So … here we are!


Both are from Target. Both are from the Dwell line. Both will coordinate with the curtain fabric (which also happens to be Dwell). So … thoughts?



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8 responses to “Bedding, again.

  1. I love the first one! It’s so bold!

  2. Dot

    Definitely the first one. The second would “age” better, if you will, but who gives a crap if it’s Target bedding. The orange is awesome.

    I can sleep in that room?

  3. hehehe. The first one is what I have in my bedroom 🙂

  4. Why would you choose two really awesome ones? I can’t decide. The orange is really zesty and fun, but the blue is so calming. (Perhaps good for weary travelers who appear at your door?) Do you have a headboard that sticks up above the shams, like in the pictures? If yes, I say blue. If no, I say orange.

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