Are you just quivering with excitement?!?! The estate sale I’m going to tonight has the exact type chair that sat in my sorority’ chapter room for years. No, I don’t need. Yes, I do want it. Let’s see what happens …

In other news you probably need to know: we have another house guest, although he does not look like Juno. But John’s off to teach already, and I’m in the house about to have breakfast with a strange man. AWKWARD. Ok, not really. We all know I could talk to a wall and enjoy myself.

Happy Estate Sale Season Thursday! How will you be celebrating?



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  1. OoooooOoo! I want to see pictures of what you get!!

  2. Did you know Springfield, MO doesn’t really have estate sales? A travesty right?! Just garage sales…. My mother (St. Louis native that she is) told me about them in high school and for a short while I wanted to move to STL, frequent estate sales and then resell goods on ebay for a living. Oh my. 🙂

    • Every time I go to an estate sale, I’m tempted to ask the ladies if I can work for them – I think it’s the most fascinating job! I can’t believe Springfield doesn’t offer them – so sad!

  3. love love love estate sales! can’t wait to check out the ones in our new neck of the woods this spring. many happy finds to you!

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