Really, is this acceptable?

Our soffit and fascia are being installed and THE INSTALLER MAN PEED IN MY YARD. SERIOUSLY? I’d be more than happy to give him access to our bathroom, and would actually prefer it to him watering my crocuses for me. ARGH.



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4 responses to “Really, is this acceptable?

  1. Dot

    I thought peeing in people’s yards was reserved for little boys on their grandparents’ farms and drunk people.


  2. NO. that is ridiculous!! at least it was not INSIDE your house. you can ask the elder Mrs. Hollander about her experience with that! (she was the offended, not the offender, of course :))

    that’s gross — did you yell at him?

    • AH! I’ll have to ask next time I see Judy! And I almost called the main office, but then John worried that it would trickle down before the job was done, and they wouldn’t finish the job properly … and now my indignation has cooled a bit. But still, it was gross.

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