Did you have a lovely weekend?

It was all sunshine and breezes here, lovely lovely. We were most positively sloth-like on Saturday, indulging in a Veronica Mars marathon (our latest Netflix selection – highly recommend!) and munching on junk food while the soffit-and-fasica-men made our house look like a million bucks. They quit for the day before they replaced the gutters, however, and I guess they don’t work on Sunday because they didn’t return and now we’re expecting rain, which means I-don’t-know-what. I feel like rain+house+no gutters = something horrible, but I can’t be sure. I’ll let you know if our house implodes, or something!

Then on Sunday, I had a baby shower, or rather, I went to a baby shower, and the host-who-I-didn’t-know turns out to be a newly diagnosed Celiac! I swear, we’re taking over the world. I was much more excited about this than she was, poor thing, but half of my happiness may be attributed to the fact that there was gluten-free coffee cake offered. And also, why not get excited about getting healthy? Well, I payed for that coffee cake because when I came home, John insisted on a TWO HOUR BIKE RIDE (=not really that long because I made him stop with me at the co-op because I needed gf flour, a somewhat silly decision because they I had to carry 5 lbs of flour on my back, on my bike! whine whine, I know) and when we returned, Pashikins was rocking the sad-dog-eyes because we had left her behind. Oh, the guilt. I promise you, dog-induced guilt is the worst. It was thus necessary that I take her on a walk. We (= me and Pasha, John had to work on something book-related) ended the day with a couple of hours of yard work, resulting in most satisfying shower I’ve ever had in my life.

And now it’s Monday, which is always a let-down, but here’s something sure to cheer you up…

Via Cute Overload, which is like Lisa Frank art in real life!


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  1. Hi Katie Kathleen. You won the Love Grown Granola giveaway at The Crispy Cook. Just need your shipping address so I can send it out.

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