Before/After. Lamp Edition!

When we moved into the cottage, everyone in our families took the opportunity to take stock of their belongings, and give everything-they-didn’t-want to us. Extremely kind, and a bit overwhelming. As part of the haul, we inherited a pair of brass-colored lamps. One of the lamps has been a regular fixture (hah! see what I did there?) in my office as-of-late, but it’s a bit heavy for the room.

The gold color is not-my-style, and I’ve been contemplating spray-painting it for weeks but feared it would become one of those ill-fated craft projects you tend to come across when you’ve been reading craft blogs for a while (remember when everyone thought you could just spray paint random containers and turn them into objects of beauty, and in reality, it just looked like you spray painted an old oatmeal cylinder? Oh, how I didn’t want to end up one of those bloggers). And then I remembered that I had two lamps, and they were free-to-me, so even if I did ruin one I could stealthily release it back into the wild and no one would have to know!

So – 2 coats of a spray paint, and a new lampshade. It’s a sort of whimsy that wouldn’t fit in the rest of the cottage, but in my office, I think it fits.

And now, after comparing the before and after photos, I’ve come to the conclusion that John needs to buy me some flowers again.



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5 responses to “Before/After. Lamp Edition!

  1. Well, from the pictures, it looks completely fantastic! I hope it looks so good in person – though I imagine that if it meets your high standards, it probably looks just as good as in this lovely picture. And I love the stripey lampshade! I’ve been obsessing over a lamp for a while now, unsure of the perfect size/style to get. And they’re just so durned expensive, eh?

    Good for you! Looks lovely.

    • Thank you Anna! I wish you lived closer – I have two un-used lamps in my basement I’d be happy to pass along! Target has some decent options though with classic shapes – check them out!

  2. I would say that 90% of everything in me and P’s house is previously owned by a family member 🙂

  3. Selina

    I love the lamps! I have never thought to spray paint them. Did you just use regular spray paint?

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