It’s all a season, settle in, settle in.

Springtime – my mood improves immensely. I’m so easy to please when the weather is pleasing. Onions, broccoli, and lettuce are in the ground, huzzah! Strawberries survived the winter! A new batch of thyme, chives, and parsley have joined the bunch! We have a new schedule at the cottage – John makes the dinner, I tend to the plants in the waning sunlight. Pasha runs in and out the door, depending on which parent seems like the most fun. Perfect.

Busy weekend coming up – I took Friday off and will be traveling west, having lunch with Momma J, spending a glorious weekend with my college roommates, seeing my seester, and then dinner with my dad on my way back home. John is staying behind to work/watch-the-dog/please-please-please-take-down-a-fence?. Fun fun!


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