I promised you pictures of guttering, and I always follow though.

If you didn’t know (and why would you?), soffit and fascia are apparently the bits of house that are above the siding and below the roof. Our were old-school, meaning they were wood. They also hadn’t been painted in years, so they were all peely (professional speak, I tell you).

On Offer Day:

If we continued to ignore them in their disarray, we were opening ourselves to the possibility of the wood rotting (=can of worms) and at the very least, ensuring that our cottage would continue to look-a-hot-mess. We planned on scraping-and-painting, but man, oh man, our house is a lot taller in person than it looks. Professional painters? Eh, so much trouble. Replacing the wood bits with vinyl soffit and fascia makes it a permanent solution – Yes please.

Perhaps the change is more prominent in person, but really – the house looks much-improved.

And say ta-ta to that picket fence – John plans on removing it this weekend. Hurray! You can’t tell at the moment, but it’s blocking the most beautiful rose and peony buses, and it finally occurred to me – wouldn’t it be nice to actually see those plants? Yes, I think it would!



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3 responses to “I promised you pictures of guttering, and I always follow though.

  1. Umm…is that a Target outdoor table and chairs in the back?! P and I JUST bought that a few weeks ago when it was on sale! More, and more katiekathleen, I think we were separated at birth πŸ™‚

    • I was actually thinking that when you posted your music post – I have the SAME songs on my iPod!

      The chairs are Target, but the table is an inherited mystery. At some point, it had a glass top that shattered, and it was replaced with wood planks … and then it was passed down to us. πŸ™‚ The chairs are great though, aren’t they?

      • They are great! And ACTUALLY wood planks sounds WAY better than glass! It would be a much better background for blog photos. And yes, I do look at everything in my house and think “would you make a good blog background?” πŸ™‚

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