I took a break to prune the roses and I got stabbed by a thorn and now I fear my hand will fall off, it’s awfully uncomfortable.

When I was in St. Louis, I came across a pair of pruning gloves similar to these

and like the rose novice that I am, passed them by. I told myself, Self – you don’t need those! You’re $4 gardening gloves from Home Depot will protect you! Plus, those gloves look a bit crazy. Oh, I rue that decision. I rue it! Now I’ll have to learn how to type with one hand, because clearly, my right one is a goner.

Those gloves are from Target, but I found a similar, cheaper pair at the STL Marshalls, which reminds me to be a tad bitter about the fact that a big-city-Marshalls has much better loot than my little-city-Marshalls. Le sigh.

Unrelated, but kind of related: you might have to hold my (remaining) hand a bit because I just placed a massively large plant order. It’s no secret that the cottage’s yards are two hot-bald-spot-abundant-messes, although we’re lucky to the extent that Martha-to-the-Right tends to leave her nativity set in her yard for half the year and has at least 10 bird feeders, so that level of elderly-crazy detracts from our sad plot (ha! I love puns). But still – something had to be done! So I shall soon have a whole botanical garden headed my way, and hopefully I won’t kill it all once it arrives. Or, for that matter, once it’s in the ground.

Wondering what I bought? Among other things … 4 lilac bushes. Our yard is going to smell incredible.

If they don’t die, of course.

Speaking of things dying, gee I hope my hand doesn’t fall off.

Rose thorns, even old ones, surely aren’t poisonous.




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3 responses to “I took a break to prune the roses and I got stabbed by a thorn and now I fear my hand will fall off, it’s awfully uncomfortable.

  1. Lilac bushes??? You are a genius. And in case it makes you feel better, my yard looks like The Secret Garden.

    And that’s just the grass.

    • Thanks for the encouragement! They are so easy to grow – I highly recommend them. I went with Michigan Bulb, and give you google them for a coupon code, they are running a spend $40, get $20 off deal.

  2. That sounds lovely! Oh, and I was at TJ Maxx the other day and saw some serious pruning gloves for . . . cheapish. (They don’t look all intense and terminator-for-roses like the ones you posted, but sturdy.) I honestly thought about sending them to you but figured you could probably make your own yardwork-supply decisions. : P

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