Mud and Blooms and Large Plans, once the plants arrive.

We’ve had two weeks of rain and our lawn mower is broken (again). As a result, we are definitely those neighbors on the street, with the over-grown, crazy lawn. It’s a bit shameful. Please don’t de-friend me.

There’s a bright spot in the doom and gloom, though – the lilac bush is blooming and our backyard smells divine.

Our spring vegetable garden has also been established, although it’s not much to look at. Give it time – isn’t that always the rule? What are we cultivating? Onions, lettuce, strawberries, chives, parsley, thyme, broccoli … I’m itching to mulch between the rows to make the patch prettier, but the internet warns against my inclination.

Once the weather warms up for good, we’ll be planting tomatoes, zucchini, peppers and more. I’m aiming for abundance – the best way to make up for an overgrown, crazy lawn is to share fresh vegetables with your neighbors.

Oh, and let’s celebrate! John had a bad day last week, and felt the need to do some hard labor. Hence, that picket fence is no-longer:

It too is looking a bit pathetic, but it’s early yet. I had a clump of irises that I moved to the back of the yard (where they can multiply with abandon), and now all that’s left is 4 struggling rose bushes and a robust peony, plus a few surprise tulips. I’m thinking of relocating the rose bushes all together, and planting only peonies in that patch. Say that three times fast! A project for the weekend, methinks?



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2 responses to “Mud and Blooms and Large Plans, once the plants arrive.

  1. You have such a green thumb my friend!! everything looks beautiful, especially your garden and of course the lilac bushes ..winkwink…

    love you!!!

  2. Oh peonies! What a great flower choice that would be.

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