Weekend Progress, or why I have dirt under my fingernails.

On Offer Day:

As of yet …

Two of the rose bushes were transplanted, and two peonies took their place. There are two rose bushes left, and for the love of symmetry I think they will have to be moved as well – but I can’t do that until I have their replacements at hand (which I don’t, yet). Peonies get larger every year, but it may take some time for the whole space to fill in.


As of yet …

Where did the roses go, you ask? Just a few feet to the right. The bushes are still mostly sticks – they’ve been moved twice this year, and will take some time to recover. Roses are very finicky. You’ll remember that this part of the yard was mostly sod/weeds, and it’s a pain to mow. So out it goes! We (=John, husbands are awesome) spent Saturday tearing up the grass and then mulched it all over. And yes, those are two different colors of mulch. And no, it was not intentional. It’s too late to fix it. I hate Home Depot. Moving on. Once we get rid of the rest of the grass, we’ll be moving the other two roses and planting a lilac bush or two.

Our lettuce is looking stellar, if I do say so myself. I installed a tiny fence to keep out The Pasha, and it’s done wonders for the plants. Who knew they’d grow so quickly once they weren’t being stepped upon?


As of yet …

Our sump pump empties out into the front yard, all classy like, resulting in perpetual bald spots for the yard. Last summer, we ran the piping down to the drive way and I spray painted it green, all classy like, hoping that it would blend in with the Yews. SUCCESS. This weekend, we planted linrope, creeping phlox (which, if we’re lucky, will soon take over the entire space), edging and mulched. Now we just need to do something about that front door …

So, in summary – we had a busy weekend. I love this time of year.



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2 responses to “Weekend Progress, or why I have dirt under my fingernails.

  1. Is it difficult not to knock down or hit that black edging when you mow? (Perhaps I’m asking John . . . whichever of you actually completes this chore. : P ) I have been thinking of putting in such stuff, but I don’t want it to be a hassle. I’m also considering those brick/stone edging pieces, but want to make sure the loss of irritation will be worth the increase in price they are sure to require.

    • Good question. We plan to weed whack around it, but we haven’t actually experimented with it yet. I will let you know how it goes! The kind of edging I bought is actually a bunch of 6″ pieces that snap together – I like it much more than the continuous plastic strips you typically buy. I didn’t have to dig to install it – I just pounded it into the ground. I figure if I knock one out of place, it’ll be easy to put right again.

      I love the look of stone edging, and it might be easier to deal with when mowing if you don’t have a weed whacker. I couldn’t find any options that were in our price range that weren’t going to require me to layer them, and I didn’t want to cast that big of a shadow onto the new plants. My neighbor had a genius idea though – she bought the cheap red pavers ($.40/brick here) and then dug a trench and placed them in that, so just the top half of the brick was above ground. Looks super, but man – seems like a lot of work!

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