Personal Interruption: One Anniversary of Many!

Two years ago, John asked me to marry him.

He had invited me on a picnic at a sculpture garden in KC. He packed Diet Coke in a little cooler, soccer-dad-like. It was a really warm day, but I didn’t think twice about the fact that he was lugging around a sport coat (in which was hidden the ring!). We were wandering the park and in the moments before, I was wondering aloud how one gets a tree to grow horizontally.

I turned around and there he was, being all “Let’s spend the rest of our lives together!” It was perfect.

And don’t let anyone tell you differently – the best part about being engaged (in addition to the fiance, and the ring) is telling people. My mom was abroad, so I called her in Germany and it probably cost her a billizion dollars. When I called my Dad, I learned that he had known it was in the pipeline for months. 

I told my college roommates in the car, en route to Starbucks. I remember not being able to go on campus for an entire day, confident that I would spill the beans before the Pass The Candle. (Are you thinking, what the heck? It’s a sorority ritual that announces engagements, where you are encouraged to lie to all of your friends prior to the PTC about being engaged, in order to surprise them all when you blow out a candle in the dark, indicating that you! yes, you! you who lied to them all! you who told them that you are not prepared to be engaged! is actually betrothed. It’s way more fun than it sounds). I lied to my dear friend Anna to have her pick me up prior to the PTC, and then showed her the ring when she showed up – she was the only sorority-friend in on the ruse, but I was later told that I’m a horrific liar and most ladies suspected me (not true! see how convincing that was?).

One the way to an honors meal, I told two of my favorite professors. One squealed! Another played the father card, and asked, “WAIT. Who is this boy?” He then told me that he had wished I would marry his son. Both comments made me laugh.

Oh, it was just a lovely, lovely experience. I highly recommend it. Thanks for letting me ramble on a bit in memories.



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7 responses to “Personal Interruption: One Anniversary of Many!

  1. Dot

    Awww, I love this. You guys are so, so cute.

    Did I tell you that my sister’s going to grad school in Chicago next year? You know what that means–definite visits in the future!!

  2. Yay! Telling people about the engagement IS fun! …but I sure do love my engagement ring 🙂

  3. I’m really glad that the part where you announced it to two not-sorority-sisters and then one of them BURST INTO TEARS (of joy!) (how awkward) was left out, because I hate to be embarrassed on the Internet.

    Also: good job you, saying yes; you’re still one of my favorite pairs.

  4. I was at Starbucks! Take THAT sorority sisters! Haha. What a great memory to get to celebrate.

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