This is what working late looks like.

I got a rush client the week I’m taking two days off to see my sister graduate AND throwing that-guy-I-married a birthday party. I probably shouldn’t be drinking, but when I’m doing paperwork after 7 PM and it’s this nice outside, you really have to lower your professionalism standards – don’t you think?

And yes, that’s cling wrap on my wine glass. Silly flies keep trying to get their drink on on my dime, and I say no-way!



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3 responses to “This is what working late looks like.

  1. Psh. You can drink during paperwork. Wise choice, I say. Also wise? Cling wrap on glass. Simply brilliant!

  2. 1. Cling wrap and wine = super classy lady. I fully support

    2. I really like your new flower heading. Pretty and cheerful.

    3. I loved your engagemaversary (I just made that up… also classy) What KC park was it? I happen to think KC parks are the best place to get engaged! 😉

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