I will not complain about my workload.

I will instead go water my vegetables, as they are wilting under this sudden heat wave.

I will then pack a bag.

And some snacks.

Update my iPod.

And travel west for Family Weekend.

Lunch with Momma.

Then two days in Springfield, celebrating as my sister graduates.

A night with my old roommate.

A Springfield Cardinal’s game.

I shall miss my husband.

and the dog.

But I will not worry about the fact that I have to work Sunday.

I will drive home Saturday and like a champion, throw John a party that night.

I will pray that my girlfriends come to save me from the people who will only want to talk about departmental fodder.

We will have s’mores, in honor of another year of Moore.

And I will not worry about the ever encroaching work deadline that is stressing me out a bit.

It’ll be fine.
It’ll be fine.

Or at least, it’ll be a bit fun.

Until then, Internet …


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  1. Oooooo! Lucky — Say hi to Springtown for me! 🙂

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