I have to apologize. I am, in fact, responsible for this cold snap.

You see, I planted my tomatoes pre-maturely. The warm weather tricked me! Naturally, the natural world felt it necessary to laugh at my assumption that 70 degrees was here to stay. Now I have to go outfit them with little scarves and mittens, so their blossoms don’t get cold.

Family weekend went swimmingly by the way, although after 13 total hours of driving all by my *lonesome, I’m a bit sick of the Neon.

John’s party was also a success, although the sky spat rain at us for about two hours which made our outdoor fire a bit less enjoyable. I also grossly over-estimated for s’mores, meaning we’re probably set for the entire summer in terms of marshmallows and chocolate bars. What could be more enticing? Come visit!

*Actually, I was only alone for 10 hours. My dad left Springfield the same time I did and reminded me that all of my bad driving habits came from him, as I tried and failed to match pace with him on the way back to St. Louis.


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  1. I almost forgot you had a Neon until I read this post! Aww, our little red and yellow twinsies! Mine just made the trip to Colorado and back…. People who live in the mountains do NOT drive Neons. And Now I know why! I’m surprised she survived the trip!

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