The key to really enjoying my job is apparently being in charge.

Who knew my ego was so large?

Oh really, you did?




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5 responses to “TURNS OUT …

  1. Dot

    Glad I’m not the only one. I always figured I wouldn’t want responsibility, but the days I enjoy most are the ones I’m actually managing stuff.


  2. Hey, desperate begging of favors here: I just posted about a conundrum I have with three beautiful anthro skirts. Can you help me choose, pleeeease?


  3. Friend, nearly the only thing I have ‘learned’ (validated?) this year: it’s better if I do it myself. This applies to running the school and, uh, also my students’ homework. The important part is you get to enjoy something, eh?

  4. Thank you for your help! Very valuable, very highly appreciated.

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