I shall be a fashion icon.

I’m tempted to start a tumblr called “The Workathomealist” and it would be just like The Sartorialist except it would only feature me and the only location would be my home office and the only outfits would be the things I wear when I don’t have to go to any external meetings or subject myself to video conference calls. So, mainly a daring combination of hiking socks, leggings and college tshirts. Sometimes, pink polka dot pajama pants.

I’m thinking it would be a big hit.

In similar news, the other day (er… a few weeks ago) I had a performance review (I’m awesome, by the way) and my boss asked me how I was adjusting to working at home. Beyond being confused about his use of the word “adjusting” seeing as I have now been in this position for a 1.5 years, I told the truth – it was hard to move from an office environment to working from home, but then I got a dog and I didn’t mind it so much. His take away? “So you like dogs better than people?” Um… not what I meant.



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2 responses to “I shall be a fashion icon.

  1. My hubby felt the same way! It was a bit lonely for him at first, but once he and I moved in together, he was able to have Max home with him all day!

  2. So I read your post at work today and then proceeded to laugh out loud (really loud) at the last part. I love it and my answer would have been an emphatic yes! I do like dogs more than human interaction. 🙂

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