A strange phenomenon, and other marvels in the yard.

Our home-grown strawberries are ready for eating.

But I’m finding more and more of them on our fence posts.

HOW, you may ask yourself, is this happening? Interrupted snacking squirrels. Pesky dine-and-dashers.

Our lettuce exploded and we have a lot of it, so we’ll likely be eating salads for the next month. And asian lettuce wraps. Lettuce wrapped burgers? We probably should buy a bunny.

My favorite surprise? The sage bloomed! I forgot it did that. It’s so pretty.

Against the advice of the whole internet, my mother, and a best friend, I planted the previously-container-contained spearmint in the ground. It was so sickly looking, I thought for sure it’d be a goner. Instead, it’s completely rebounded. If everyone is to be believed, our whole yard will be mint come next spring and I will rue this decision … but maybe not. I like mint. I then broke one of my favorite coffee mugs (!) and planted that right along side it. This made John give me a crazy look, a la “You’re becoming your mother, aren’t you?” I still think there’s a long road between favorite coffee mugs and concrete angels (not that there is anything wrong with concrete angels, Mom!). But it’s my garden. I DO WHAT I WANT.

My other flowers are just now starting to bloom, but I’m 99% positive this rose bush only produced pink flowers last year. Where the yellow is coming from? Total mystery.

While I’m gardening (read: weeding), the Pup is usually chasing bumblebees. I’m convinced that this is a poor hobby, but she doesn’t listen.

AND you’ll have to take my word for the fact that I do not live next to an abandoned lot. I know the chain link fence tends to suggest such things. New neighbors are still busy building a house, and not so concerned with yard work. I don’t really blame them.



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3 responses to “A strange phenomenon, and other marvels in the yard.

  1. Oh those trickster squirrels! The ones in our neighborhood act like they own the place! I swear, they don’t even run away when you’re within a foot of them.

  2. Trisha

    Gasp! Is that a Heffers mug? If so, I can not blame you for trying to give it new life as a more literary version of a garden gnome!

    Also, I bet that the mystery of your roses can be solved by science! Mutant Rose!

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