Front Yard Update

Two months ago, we bought the cottage a birthday present. This weekend, we filled them!

Sweet potato vines (oh so easy to keep alive), impatiens (for the shady window) and germaniums (for the sunny window). In the ground the phlox I planted a month ago was not doing well (not enough sun, bah!) so it was relocated and we put in hostas.

We also planted hostas in our lower-level planters this year, and I have plans to put in primroses in the blank spots if my plant order ever arrives (my delivery keeps getting pushed back. argh!). So until then, this is what we’re working with:

There’s still more on my front-yard-to-do (in particular, I have three lilac bushes that are waiting to go into the ground, and a $.30 daisy seed experiment), but if I do say so myself … it’s coming together.



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6 responses to “Front Yard Update

  1. P and I planted hostas last weekend! Have you looked in to splitting them in the fall/winter?

  2. I LOVE hostas! Also, I’m sorry your phlox didn’t do well. I have some enormous specimens in my front “garden” that I hate and would be glad to ship to you if you decide nothing else will do.

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