Oh no, oh no, oh no

Do you remember all my opossum problems from last year? Mainly, that Pasha kept catching one and even after multiple tours around the yard in her mouth, it refused to go live in someone else’s yard?

And how Animal Control told me they’d only help if the opossum was in my house?

And since I didn’t think inviting it in was a reasonable option, I called another company that wanted me to pay them $100+ to kill it, even after I explained that No, I have a dog that will likely do that for free at some point, I’d rather you come get it and ensure it has a happy life elsewhere on this earth? Perferably near a meadow and a stream?

And they said No?

And then it died anyway, perhaps by mysterious means/neighbor cat?


Apparently, we’re aiming for a repeat showing this year, but this time with ORPHANED BABIES.


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One response to “Oh no, oh no, oh no

  1. Emily Phillips

    Okay, so that definitely sounds like a problem that I hope I never have…BUT, until those stinkers get bigger, oh my goodness, they look so cute!!! Maybe it’s just because they’re not in my yard…. 🙂

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