Every weekend should be three days long and sunny and full of dirt and babies.

I had the most perfect three day weekend. We had friends over to watch baseball on Friday, and they were kind enough to ask me all sorts of questions about my garden, which is lovely because I’ve given John a garden tour at least twice already and he’s losing interest quick.

Then on Saturday, I saw Bridesmaids with a new friend (yes, go see it!) and afterwards, I drove to that new friend’s house with the husband, delivered dinner and in return, I got to hold their 2-week old baby for about 3 hours. 3 hours! Can you believe it? It was the most heavenly 8 lb workout for my biceps!

Oh, and all the time in between those events? I was either watching LOST (we just finished Season 1, last night, at 1 AM) or covered in dirt, which is how I accomplished all of this:

– I dug out the rest of the sod in the side yard, planted two (tiny, but mighty!) lilac bushes, and laid down more mis-matching mulch. I’m mulch-colorblind, I suppose.

– Admired this monstrous rose bush and it’s lopsided blooming habit. I transplanted it last year from my boss’ house, and this is the first time it’s bloomed for me. Clearly it’s in need of some pruning (after the blooms die, of course).

– Weeded around this sad group of plants. The roses (back row) were from my Craig’s List adventure in the fall and are taking their time rebounding. The 3 cheddar pinks are new this year, but the recent rain has wreaked havoc on the blooms. I’m hoping next year for a better show.

– Built an herb bench! Our container herbs were slowly taking over our picnic table, so relocation was necessary.

– Installed brick edging along the flower garden beside the garage. Added top soil to fill in and mulched (and mulched, and mulched).

– Installed brick edging along the corner herb garden (From left to right: mystery herb from my Boss’ yard, basil, sage, oregano, cilantro, mint, sage)

– Checked on vegetables, added the tomato cages (from left to right: broccoli, tomatoes, green peppers, banana peppers, tomatoes)

– Built an ugly trellis for the sweat peas since they refused to take to my fancy store-bought trellis. Stupid plants.

– Laughed at the broccoli. Have you ever seen broccoli grow? I had no idea it looked this funny.

Funny story unrelated to all pictures: My Memorial Day gardening outfit consisted of a sports bra, shorts, garden boots, and sunscreen, which made John laugh (out loud!) at me. But heck – we have a privacy fence, it’s hot, and I wear less at the beach, so no problem, right? Who is going to see me, other than the dog? I’ll tell you who – MY NEIGHBOR. RETURNING A LADDER HE BORROWED. WHILE JOHN IS OUT GETTING HIS HAIR CUT. He walked right into the back yard to drop it off, as any normal friend would do, and yep, Oh, hello, you can see my belly button! This is quite awkward.



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6 responses to “Every weekend should be three days long and sunny and full of dirt and babies.

  1. “Yep, hell, you can see my belly button!” Oh Katie you make me laugh!

  2. Hello not hell*** Well, I guess it’s funny either way…

  3. Your gardening adventures are quite inspirational! It’s all looking so good.

    More importantly though…. welcome to LOST! It’s such an exciting journey and your mind will totally be perplexed, elated, and utterly “lost” more than once. Haha. Enjoy!

  4. I think I need to borrow you for a few days. I inherited something of a garden here and I really don’t know what to do with it, or how to add on. For example, your sixth picture depicts some really attractive plants that I have in my yard, but mine are getting quite bushy, and awfully tall. I kind of just want to smoosh them back down, but don’t know about this stuff. Let me know if you finish your yard and need some new material to work with.

    : P

    • Anna, those are ditch lillies! Mine are just small because they are babies – they will fill out quite a bit and should bloom in the summer. They have to be divided every couple of years though because they multiply quickly and can crowd each other = less blooms. I would wait to divide them until the end of summer – if you move any now, you might not get any flowers.

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