Let’s bemoan the end of lettuce season together.

We’re gone for two days and our lettuce bolts (= leaves turn bitter as the plant prepares to seed), meaning into-the-compost-heap-it-goes. (Note: the picture is not of bolting lettuce. It’s of delicious, healthy lettuce). My front garden has a sad bald patch at the moment, while I decide on it’s warm weather replacements.

This was my first year growing lettuce, and I learned three things:

1. 22 lettuce plants for 2 people is TOO MANY. What was I thinking? Next year I will plant 6, 3 per person.

2. Lettuce should be a garden border plant, since you continuously harvest it (unlike onions, which you only dig up once). I didn’t think through my plant placement in March and as a result, I kept having to step lightly over the onions and other seedlings during salad time.

3. The most delicious lettuce wrap recipe is as follows:

– Grill some chicken. Use Tony’s seasoning. Shred cooked chicken.

– Chop up a mango. Put in bowl.

– Chop up 2-3 green onions. Add to bowl.

– Chop up 1-2 celery stalks. Add to bowl.

– Squeeze of lemon – add to bowl.

– Add chicken to bowl. Stir. Spoon into lettuce leaves and eat like tacos.

Trust me, it’s amazing.



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2 responses to “Let’s bemoan the end of lettuce season together.

  1. How do you harvest the lettuce?

    • We grew Romaine, Buttercrunch and Red Leaf, which you can all harvest by leaf – so we would just take what we need. If you grow head-types of lettuce (like Iceberg), I think you have to take it once the head develops.

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