the dog, and some big-and-boring plans

Daily dose of Pasha, ay? I’m pleased to announce that she has not maimed any more animals recently. She’s only killed a pepper plant. Hurray!

John’s leaving for some big-wig conference tomorrow and I’ll be all by my lonesome for about a week and a half. I have a lot of big plans lined up, one of which may be transporting our rain barrel from one downspout to another … if I can figure out how you switch out/attach downspouts, which is one task that makes me wish my father lived a bit closer. Why don’t I just wait until John comes home, you ask? Blah blah blah feminism, or something. I just feel like that as an adult homeowner, I should be able to detach and reattach a downspout. Right? I don’t know, it makes sense in my head.

My other big plans? Well, it’s mostly a list of time-intensive chores (like painting doors! painting our picnic table! unpacking our basement!) that we’ve continuously put-off in liu of things that are more fun. I’ll also find some time for some stole-away swimming (= swimming at an apartment complex you don’t live at) and a concert with some new friends.

Oh, and replying to emails! Sorry if I’ve been ignoring you, friends. I still adore you!


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