Have you been missing my garden?

I figured as much. Things are getting exciting in our back yard:

Sunflowers and squash exploded. After I realized how easy it was to do sunflowers by seed, I planted another batch (those are the seedlings).

I got a slow start on our watermelon, cantaloupe and eggplant, but they are hanging on. The three seedlings are all watermelon plants I started by seed – it was a $.30 experiment I’m thoroughly enjoying (everything else I bought when it was well on it’s way to plant-dom). Also, the remains of our lettuce  – nearly 3.5 feet tall. Totally bolted.

The strawberries stopped producing fruit a bit ago, and are now fighting the cucumber and squash for expansion space. I keep trying to explain to the plants that the need to grow right (=wide open spaces), not left (=squash), but they ignore me.

The tomatoes are now past my belly button, and we have lots of green ones on the vine. I’ve already gotten two banana peppers from one of the pepper plants and they are patiently waiting for John, because I do not like banana peppers. (Despite their name, they are not like bananas!).

My gifted mystery lilies did not bloom last year, but they are now popping up. My ditch lilies are also starting to send up their blooms.

My lilacs in pots are doing much better than the two I put in the ground, but what can you do? We also have a healthy amount of mint (delicious on watermelon) and basil (I have 4 plants this year, in preparation for pounds of caprese salad).

A couple of new additions: on Friday, I popped in an estate sale and happened across this beautiful thing …

You know, I really never appreciated what wonderful things wheelbarrows are until I started to buy mulch in sets of ten … and then I started to dream of them. I’m already picturing all of the wonderful things we are going to haul together … compost! mulch! river rock! It’s going to be a beautiful relationship, I’m telling you.

My other estate find steal?

$2 cart, perfect for holding all the crap-you-need-while-you’re-grilling, crap-that-previously-sat-on-our-picnic-table-and-got-in-the-way. Of course, I didn’t quite think through how the cart AND the wheelbarrow AND my work stuff AND my gym bag were all going to fit into my little Neon … so in the end, the cart actually cost me $2, an interior car-scratch, and a headache. Tots worth it though. Isn’t it lovely?



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