Perils of bragging – garden disaster!

A storm yesterday evening took down four pepper plants. Just like with tomatoes, the soil can become too soft and PLOP your plant falls over. I was lucky that three of the plants were only bent, so I staked them and am currently praying for some sunshine to dry up the dirt. But, oh, oh, oh – the banana pepper? Snapped in two. The stub might re-grow, but we won’t have anything to show for it for a while. Poor John – he comes home today and his only please-grow-this-for-me-request is no longer.

It was a sad but helpful reminder that I also needed to prune my tomatoes. I cringe at removing healthy tomato branches full of blooms, but anything reaching outside of my tomato cages has to go straight into the compost bin, as to avoid another August disaster. I frankly do not have enough chairs this year to support overgrown vegetables. (And BAH – look how far the yard has come!).


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