There is nothing I quite despise like Japanese Beetles.

That is a Japanese beetle. They come every summer and, if left alone, will destroy your roses and any other plant they crave. I set out bag traps, but a favorite gardening book suggested I also start collecting the beetles, blend them up in a blender with a bit of soap and water, and then spray that delightful concoction on all my plants. Apparently, the scent of blended beetles is a deterrent to hungry beetles. I’m tempted to try it (wouldn’t that be a winning blog post?), but I don’t have a blender I’m willing to sacrifice to beetle-juice.

Self Indulgent Garden Update

I got my first cucumber yesterday (!) and I’m only waiting on a million green tomatoes to redden. They have really taken off in the last month.

May 2011

End of June 2011

The squash, strawberries and sunflowers have come a long way as well.

May 2011

June 2011

The front garden has a noticeable bare spot, as the red onions didn’t take and the lettuce was composted a while ago. Watermelon (including 2 plants I started by seed), eggplant, and cantaloupe were planted as replacements, but they are taking their sweet time in expanding. RUDE.

You might notice (please notice!) that I finally weeded the patch of white onions. John and I also started using them – they are amazing! Imagine the most delicious onion you’ve ever cooked with, and well, there you have it. I was really quite proud of them until I went to the farmer’s market and realized that my bulbs were actually preemie babies in comparison to “proper onions”. I didn’t weed diligently, and that clearly had an effect on bulb growth. Oh well.


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2 responses to “There is nothing I quite despise like Japanese Beetles.

  1. Emily Phillips

    I hear ya about the beetles! They’ve infested our hollyhocks (except that I don’t even like the hollyhocks, so, whatever) as well as a big messy bush on the side of the house (which, I also don’t care for…so, really, thanks beetles!) I’m sure I’d feel MUCH differently, though, if they showed up on my roses or other plants that I DO like. 🙂 Yay for your garden!! I’m very impressed. My tomato plants are nowhere near producing anything…I’m a bit worried.

    • Oh no! Are you getting any blooms on your plants? If so, I wouldn’t worry too much – they do best in hot weather, and if you haven’t had any consistently warm days, it can slow down growth (we’ve been in the high 70s the past two weeks = not the best tomato weather). A shot of Miracle Grow never hurts either – I feed my plants every two weeks.

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