From a seed! I’m baffled.

I’ve been waiting for this sunflower to pop all week, and today – finally!! Love it. Can you believe that was once an little seed I just plopped in the ground and occasionally watered? Gardening is fascinating to me in that way. This is a total over-simplification, but along the same lines: I had lunch with some friends today, one of whom recently gave birth to a lovely baby, and I just could not get over the simple science that this baby, right here, that I’m holding while I eat sushi was once just a mass of cells! And now it’s a human! So I’m musing on this fact, out-loud, surely sounding ridiculous (along the lines of, “C! Can you believe you CREATED this?”) and another friend, thank goodness, was on the same wavelength. She goes, “Once a mass of cells? HELLO. That baby was created by the sheer act of sex! How crazy is that?!” Babies and sunflowers – they amaze me.



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  1. I love this. Babies and Sunflowers. The world is kinda crazy, huh?

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