Good News (x3), Horrible News, Confession

John and I spent the weekend in St. Louis (it was lovely, thank you!), but I’m always excited to come home and see my plants. Doesn’t that make me sound like a bit of a recluse of sorts? My oh my, I’m actually a very social individual, Internet. I promise! It’s just that my garden is growing up so quickly, I like to see the progress.

Good news: the garden produces! I came home to lots of cucumbers (10) and a few zucchini (3). Not all pictured because I’m disorganized, but they all look alike so you aren’t missing much. We’re going to make pickles and zucchini bread tonight.

Good news: Another sunflower is blooming, and the bees have found my yard. I used to be terrified of the buggers (like all children, I suppose?) but we’ve taken up a bit of a truce. Bees are necessary for flowers and flowers are necessary if plants are going to bear fruit, so I’m happy to see that some moved in to take advantage of my garden.


Good news: The peppers live, despite their tumble a couple of weeks ago. I have two good-sized bell peppers on the vine.

Horrible news: Cucumber vines may have bacterial wilt, which is irreversible and deadly. After this photo, I cut off the worst vines, gave it some water, and tried to convince it to hold on to life. BAH, what is gardening except an experiment in pickle-related heartbreak?

Confession: I planted cilantro, which I actually don’t care for, but now it’s flowering and I think it’s lovely.





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