House Tour, exterior

A dear friend brought a small fact to my attention: the Internet (you) doesn’t know what the entire Cottage looks like. So, welcome to the house tour, faithful readers! I’m going to do it in stages, as we all know how I tend to ramble and I’d rather not bore you all to tears.

And this first installment? Probably a bit of a cheat, since you’ve all seen it here before, minus a few new plants.

SO here is The House. We live on a quiet street full of single family homes with detached garages. Our avenue is a favorite of bicycle commuters and dog walkers. I would venture to say that no children live on our street, as I never see any playing in the yards … although one of our neighbors is in a band, and they have regular jam sessions on the weekends. (Thankfully, they are talented).



What we accomplished: 

– Stained and painted the front porch

– Re-routed and painted a drainage pipe

– Added a bench

– New soffit and fascia

– Landscaping (Before we moved in, the only plants were the three trees and the then-sickly-looking yew bushes. We added another bush, hostas, lirope grass, primroses, and ditch lillies + garden edging and mulch.)

– Window boxes (one has sweet potato vines and geraniums, the other has sweet potato vines and impatiens)

What we want to accomplish: 

– Landscape the side of the house (near the privacy fence)

– Paint the front door + new storm door

– Paint or replace our sad little mailbox

– Shutters? (The house is divided on the necessity of such things).


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  1. I wouldn’t call shutters necessary, but they are almost always adorable, and would certainly be great in the case of the Cottage.

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