House Tour, Front Room

I guess this room is technically our dining room, since it hosts our table and china set. The addition of a love seat makes it a tiny sitting room. The fact that our front door is also right there? Our entryway. I love little houses.


(bold color choice, right?)


What We Accomplished: 

– Painted the walls + trim

– Painted the front door

– Painted the ceiling fan

– Removed the window treatments + hardware (I have yet to find any that I like to replace them with, so we’re probably just going to leave them open. The windows do have shades, naturally – just no curtains).

What We’d Like To Accomplish

– Replace the couch + lamp

– Refinish the sewing table (the wood is in sad, sad shape …)

– Make the window shades uniform

– Replace front window that is foggy (Oh goodness, if I told you how much this would cost, you may never buy a home. Who knew windows were so pricey?!)


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  1. I’m such a sucker for before and after photos! I love, love, love it!!!

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