After a weekend away with these lovely ladies …

I came home to find that my beloved husband killed a few of my plants … but he also had an entire meal and a glass of wine waiting for me on the table when I pulled into the driveway, and let’s be honest: delicious stir fry > flowers any day.  I sure do like him.

More frightening than dead flowers, 3/4 of a zucchini plant succumbed to a squash bug infestation … and this was AFTER I spent a good 30 minutes removing squash bug eggs from the leaves last week, which is just as glamourous as it sounds. BAH. Enough is enough – no more organic bullwinkle. After plastic bagging the dead leaves (+ all the little baby squash bugs that live on them), I applied an insecticide this morning that promises to RUIN them.

The damage – can you tell most of the plant is now missing? Le sigh.

But gardening is not all death and hoping-you-won’t-poison-yourself-with-insecticide: my sunflowers-from-Walgreens-seeds have all bloomed, and my second planting set is still growing strong.

One of my craigslist rose bushes has really taken to my yard:

And my ditch lilies have finally bloomed!

In edible news, our onions are ready! If you’re interested in such things: my red onions did not grow at all, and white out-performed yellow.  These will spend the day drying, and tonight I will clean, mince, and freeze them.

I told John he could pick anything that ripened, but he doesn’t visit the plants 3x a day like I do, so he missed these monsters. (Pen included for comparison – they are HUGE).



Do you want to see an artfully arranged photo of all the vegetables I picked last night/this morning? Oh, you do? Well, you’re in luck!



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2 responses to “ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW

  1. Jealous of that Los Compas picture and your KC weekend! Also did you know that Emily and I were really good friends when we were younger? Such a small little Jewell/Missouri world! 🙂

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