Lip gloss and garden haul

I had a rough day yesterday, the kind that necessitates a mid-route-to-work-meeting-stop at Walgreens and the purchasing of gummy bears and red lip gloss. Work’s a bit mad, my house is covered in Pasha-hair, in general, life, you know? I read somewhere that if you find yourself in a moody mood, you should sweat it out, so John and I headed to the gym (=campus rec center) but somehow (magically?) I found myself by the pool instead of in Zumba class. Sweat is sweat though, right?

Oh, but it rained this morning which made me and my little plant family so very happy. Perhaps we were all a bit wilt-y and just needed a good soak. I went out early this morn to do some minor weeding and took a few goodies (+ caterpillar, by accident) inside with me:

Lovely Martha-to-the-Right was also out, so I gave her some of our excess squash and in return, she handed me a sack of fresh-picked green beans:

What’s your best cure for a nasty mood?



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4 responses to “Lip gloss and garden haul

  1. Best cure for a nasty mood is seeing your BESTIE on SATURDAY in PERSON!!! 😀 yipeeeee

  2. I like trying out a new magazine. Sometimes sweating it out will work too!

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